Day 11: Intro To JavaScript

What Is JavaScript?

JavaScript is one of the most widely used programming languages today. It is the language of the browser and with Node, we can also write Javascript on the server. JavaScript allows us to make our websites interactive, giving us the final piece we need to make useful web applications.

Yay for JS!

Primitive Data Types

JavaScript has multiple data types we can use to store different types of information. The basic data types in JavaScript are Number, String, Boolean, Null and Undefined. Strings represent textual data, like a string of characters, and are wrapped in “quotes”. Booleans are either true or false and are used to make decisions based on conditions. Null is a placeholder that means there is no value, and undefined is a variable that has not been assigned a value.

Some primitive data types.


Operators allow us to perform operations on values. If we want to do some math, we can use the arithmetic operators for add, subtract, multiple, and divide. When we are trying to use logic in our code we can use the logical(boolean) operators NOT, AND OR. Logical operators will always evaluate to a boolean. Finally, we have comparison operators which we can use to compare two values, we can compare if something is equal to something else or if it is greater or less than something else.

Some Javascript Operators.


Today we got introduced to JavaScript, learning the basics and fundamentals is key to building more skills! I will be looking forward to implementing JavaScript into projects ✌️.



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