Two Top Tier TTs

TypeScript & Tailwind

These two technologies allow you to speed up your coding workflow a lot, and they are both very nice to work with. Below I will go into detail about my experience with the two technologies and why I prefer them to the other options.

Tailwind CSS & TypeScript Icons.


TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript and it adds some additional features to the language. One of those features is static typing which allows us to define types for our values, JavaScript is dynamically typed by default. The benefit of static typing is that you get better error handling in your code if you accidentally do something like passing a string to a function, that requires a number. We also get warnings if we forget to pass in non-optional values, this is very beneficial when working with React and passing props to components. PropTypes gives us this functionality but we don’t get an error until we run the code, TypeScript gives us a warning right in the IDE.

Some TS code.

Tailwind CSS

Tailwind CSS might be my favourite technology to work with as it speeds up Front End Development a lot. It replaces the need to write your own CSS classes and gives you premade classes right out of the box. Simply adding text such as ‘flex items-center justify-center’ as the className on an HTML element is enough to do the 007 mission impossible task of centering a div 🤯. I think of Tailwind as Bootstrap on steroids as they give you the easier syntax, more classes available, and an extremely broad variety of colours to select from. The only downside of Tailwind is that sometimes you end up with an unruly classNames string with a bunch of classes linked together. This problem is remedied in the bonus section of this article…

Tailwind Example.

Bonus Tech

DaisyUI is my current go-to component library, as it works directly with Tailwind. They give you a bunch of premade components along with themes you can use. This greatly reduces the need to write long classNames, which was my only personal downside when using Tailwind. Combining DaisyUI with Tailwind gives you the ability to create websites and web applications in no time. I think startups who need to move fast should look into these two options for sure!

DaisyUI example.



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